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***New**** 2017-2018 Ironman Series State Award Winners ***New***

2018 Open State Seeding Info

2018 Open State Seeding Info

See file above for ALL seeding info by weight class.

The top 8 point totals in each weight class are seeded 1-8. BYEs are first pushed to highest seeds. Remaining BYEs and ALL other wrestlers are randomly drawn into the brackets with separation by team and Region. Ties for seeding spots are decided first by head-to-head (actual match or placement at common Ironman tournament if no match) and then by coin flip. 

Local Tournament Seeding Point Rules:  
1. Maximum of 4 local region tournaments count. Open-only, no seeding points for Rookie or R/N.  
2. The region's Ironman tournament does NOT count.
3. Points are:         
  3 Points for WINNING a local Open tournament
  1 Point for wrestling but not winning an Open tournament  (i.e. placed 2nd OR lower)
4. So max points is 4 tournaments x 3 (if placed 1st in all 4) = 12
Ironman Tournament Seeding Point Rules:
1. Maximum of 4 Ironman tournaments count.  
2. Points are based on actual placement regardless if higher placers were from out of state: 
  16 for 1st Place      
  12 for 2nd Place      
  9 for 3rd Place      
  7 for 4th Place      
  5 for 5th Place      
  3 for 6th Place      
  2 for wrestling and not placing    

2017-2018 Youth Schedule - Ironman Series and State Tournament

  • 11/25/17 – Panhandle Nationals - Amarillo Convention Center
  • 12/9/17 – Edge of Texas, UTEP
  • 1/13&14/18 – Houston Nationals and NOVICE State

                      **NEW LOCATION and DATES

                        Brazos County Expo (Bryan)

                        Houston Nationals Webpage

  • 1/27/18 – Heart of Texas – Round Rock Sports Center
  • 2/2&3/18  – Lonestar Nationals (Cotton Bowl) - Ft Worth Convention Center    - ROOKIE on Friday, 2/2 

                                           Lonestar Flyer 

  • 3/3/18 – TX-USAW Open  State  -  UT - Arlington
  • 3/4/18 - TX-USAW Rookie State  -  UT - Arlington

2018 ESD/MSD Info

Team Texas Elementary and Middle School Duals info 

>>>>>>  2018 Info CLICK HERE!! <<<<<<

Team Texas Elementary and Middle School Duals info 

Youth Wrestling News

2015-2016 Ironman Series State Award Winners

By JD 02/25/2016, 11:45pm CST

Wrestler of the Year and Ironman Awards

Texas USA Wrestling IRONMAN

By Jim 09/27/2015, 11:30am CDT

2015-2016 Texas USA Wrestling IRONMAN Series
Nov 28 - Panhandle Nationals - Amarillo Convention Center
Dec 19  - Edge of Texas Nationals - UTEP, El Paso
Jan 8/9 - Houston Nationals & Novice State - Houston 
Jan 23/24 - Cotton Bowl Nationals - Fort Worth
Jan 30 - Heart of Texas Nationals - Round Rock Sports Center, Austin

2015-2016 State Tournament
Feb 27  - Rookie & Open State - Amarillo Convention Center, Amarillo