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Mandatory Coach ID Badges


Your photo badges are required to be worn at all TX-USAW events.  Last year's badge will receive a validation sticker at your local event with proof of membership for 2018-19.  Per TX-USAW youth rules, all coaches that are going to be matside MUST be minimum Copper certified,  Coaches that need a badge should fill out the request in this link.  Coaches that need a replacement for a lost badge need to email and pay a replacement fee of $5.00. Coaches that get their NCEP Copper or Bronze certification can get their badge replaced at no cost.

Freestyle and Greco-Roman Singlet Requirements

Teams For state championship, regional, and national events, there are two options for singlets.  Teams can use the old, traditional design that has over 60% blue with little or no red and over 60% red with little or no blue.  They can also to choose to go with the UWW stripes and allowable color combinations and specific striping that denotes red and blue.  It is very specific down to the pantone color of the stripe.    


For the UWW design singlets,  colors that be designated as Blue can be mostly Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, or Silver.

Singlet colors that be designated as Red can be mostly White, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown, or Gold.


To use other than traditional, old style Blue or Red singlets, stripes in these specific colors must be in these specific locations.  The big, bold stripes are what is required.  The arching seam stripes in the crotch and on the buttocks are not required.  Singlets designated as Blue must use Pantone Color 299C for the stripes.  Singlets designated as Red must use Pantone Color 2347C for the stripes.


Here are the striping locations.  


Here are examples of other singlets in non traditional colors that meet the regulations:

I would also forward the attached pdf to your singlet manufacturer.  Most of them are apprised of these guidelines, but I have seen some strange colors that tried to conform but are technically illegal (examples including a black singlet with red striping, an orange singlet with orange striping).


Here is the link to the UWW guidelines that USAW follows for singlet color.

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